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Hola babies! Whatsaappp? Hope everything’s okay. It’s the first of August here in Milan and everyone is on vacation already, except me LOL.

However, today I want to present two NEW FULL SIZE OF beauty skin care routine by Yves Rocher. They kindly sent me a Purifying Cleansing Gel and a Purifying micellar water.

The newest thing about them is the combo between affordable price and full size of product!

• Purifying Cleansing Gel: 390 ML for 12.95€

• Purifying micellar water: 390 ML for 11.95€

I’ve already tried them, and they’re perfect for a combination to oily skin as mine. I usually use the micellar water as a makeup remover for my face, delicate and fresh at the same time. Almost 90% of the ingredients are natural. I love their ecological concept and all of their campaign for the planet.

Here’s all the pictures, hope you like this article, and last but not least, you should try them! Let me know what do you think about it.

With love,


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Aloha Everyone! whatssup? Here in Milan it’s almost time for summer holiday, but actually I have to study a lot for this next month, so for me? No vacations! Joking… I’m planning to go in London just only for 3 days!! 

Anyway, I’m back with this new post for my “Bullet Journal” section. I usually plan my bullet few days before starting a new month when I’ve got time for it. I really like to set up it,it’s an anti-stress for me, LOL. If you don’t believe it, just try, and if you are not into drawing, just practice and find out your own organization.

The truth is…that I didn’t use my Bullet for July. I was too busy, and too much things happened, but I really need to focus on my goals for this next month!! I tried a new version of layout, more simple and minimalistic. It’s really easy to do, and it doesn’t take so much time, ’cause we know, time is precious.

So here’s all the pictures of my Set-Up of the month, I really hope you like this short article, and more Happy Summer Holidays! Thank you so much for all your comments and support! I didn’t expect all of them. I’m gonna try to write more often. Promise!!

With love,


P.s. I usually get inspiration for my set up on Pinterest 😉

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Buongiorno Belle! Sono tornata con un articolo in italiano. Da un po’ di anni ho sul balcone una piantina di aloe vera presa all’Esselunga per il prezzo stracciato di 1.99 euro. Sono sempre stata pigra però a estrarne il gel, ma da due mesi ho iniziato a farlo.

Ma come estrarre il gel? Di solito io taglio la foglia dalla radice, levo la parte laterale con un coltello, e poi mi aiuto con un cucchiaio a levare il gel, e lo metto in un barattolo di vetro da conservare poi in frigo. Solitamente dicono che si possa conservare per almeno due settimane, ma io in base alle mie esigenze lo estraggo al momento.

Come utilizzare il gel di aloe vera?

  1. Maschera naturale per i capelli: di solito lo uso come maschera arricchendolo con olio di cocco, olio d’Argan,, burro di Karitè e olio essenziale di limone. Viene una bella maschera che nutre bene i capelli, soprattutto per chi li ha decolorati come me. Prima di farmi la doccia tengo la maschera per almeno 2 ore.
  2. Rimedio per scottature: si avvicina la calda stagione e credetemi che utilizzare l’aloe per le scottature è l’ideale, anche se ovviamente l’ideale sarebbe non prendere il sole, per lo meno nelle ore calde.
  3.  Rimedio per brufoli: utilizzare il gel di aloe come rimedio d’emergenza per i brufoli soprattutto perchè ha azione disinfiammante e cicatrizzante.
  4. Colluttorio: da un po’ di tempo ho scoperto che si può utilizzare il gel di aloe in un bicchiere d’acqua come colluttorio naturale. Un’altra alternativa è acqua bollita e sale grosso.
  5.  Disinfettante mani: si può usare anche come la conosciuta “amuchina” solo che questa versione sarà naturale e disinfettante veramente. Basta inserire in un contenitore del gel e del tea tree oil.

Spero che questo articolo vi sia stato utile e che vi sia piaciuto! Non lasciate deperire la vostra piantina di aloe abbandonata sul balcone ma fatevi furbi!

A presto!

With love,

Cherol 🙂

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Aloha Beauties!

How are you today? I want to share my “bullet  journal organization”. I’ve already uploaded a video about it in my YouTube Channel Cherol Smile.

But FIRST…You may have seen the term “bullet journal” popping up on internet, and what the hell is it?! Bullet journal is a method of journaling and note-taking that uses bullet points as the core structure. It’s the perfect combination of “planner”, “to-do list” and “diary”. You can personalized it as you wish.


  1. You can start a bullet journal when you want.
  2. Index: you need this table of content that you update as you go.
  3. Keys and Color code: you need them to organize better all your things to do.
  4. Monthly Log: a traditional month calendar that you need to do before starting a month.
  5. Future Log: calendar where you can put events, goals, and long-term you need to do.
  6. Use your creativity to personalize your Bullet.
  7. There is no RULE babe!!!!

Here’s my last video of the Bullet Journal!

I know that it’s in Italian, but believe me you can only watch it without sound, just to have ideas or some inspirations. Bullet changes my life, I’m not a very good person on being constant, sometimes I forgot things to do, even when I write things or appointments on my agenda, but with the bullet is different, maybe because I create it every single day.

I’m going to upload some posts every month of “Plan with me” just to share all my ideas. I hope you liked this post and please try to start your own bullet!

With love,


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Aloha Beauties!

I’m back with a review of an amazing product that a special friend gave to me:“the manizer sisters” aka “the luminizers” by The Balm Cosmetics.

I really love this brand because is natural, cruelty free and paraben-free. I like their packaging, simple but original at the same time.

The price is $28 and All the highlighters are very pigmented

Here there are some swatches:

I really recommended to you this product especially for their concept of cruelty free.

Please let me know in a comment what do you think about it.

With Love,

Cherol 🙂

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Buongiorno Bella fanciulla! Sono tornata con un “face of the day” in cui vi mostro il look finale e ti cito tutti i prodotti utilizzati. Ebbene sì, ho le lenti a contatto grigie, prese su amazon!
Prodotti utilizzati:
– Fondotinta | Puro Bio Cosmetics
– Correttore | Mac NC30
– Illuminante | Palette The balm
– Trucco Occhi | Palette Itsjudytime+Pixi
– Mascara | Too Faced Better Than Sex
– Rossetto |Mac Cosmo
Lascio le foto in allegato così da poter vedere meglio il look! Lo trovo molto primaverile!
Ci vediamo domani!
With Love,


Good morning Beautiful girl! I’m back with a “face of the day” in which I want to the final look, and write all the products used. Yes, I have the gray contact lenses that I got on amazon!
Products used:
– Foundation | Puro Bio Cosmetics
– Concealer | Mac NC30
– Highliter | Palette The balm
– Makeup Eyes | Palette Itsjudytime + Pixi
– Mascara | Too Faced Better Than Sex
– Lipstick |Mac Cosmo
I attached photos so you can see better the look! I find it very spring!
See you tomorrow!
With Love,