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My summer skincare routine 2017

Aloha everyone! It’s been a while, I’m so sorry I’m actually busy with studies. Anyway today I want to share with you all my skin products that I use every day in the morning and also in the evening. I’m so obsessed with them!

Here’s some detailed pictures.

My two makeup remover by Yves Rocher.
Facial moisturiser by Sukin, my favourite organic Australian brand.Favourite Anti-Dark circle, the best that I ever tried.Sierum for face and body, Australian brand.My favourite eyes patches ever by faced.Clarifying lotion by Clinique.cleanser and clarisonic, perfect combination.

My two favourite face cream. On left side a sierum face that I usually use before bed, otherwise on the right side there is my pimple and acnes cream, THE BEST!

Hope you like this post, and remember SHARING IS CARING!
Goodnight girls,

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