Hello! Here I am with this little introduction where I want to give you a “Welcome”in my little space on the web.
I’ve never been so good with presentations, but I can try it. My name is Carol Ann, but few people call me that, most of the people call me “Carol” and I do not really like the Italian accent, that’s why I call myself “Cherol”aka Cherol Smile, my nickname. I was born and raised in Milan, even if my parents and I are from the Philippines. I’m 25 and I’m a nursing student.
If my face is not new to you it is because you’ve probably came across on my videos on Youtube! Yes, I also do video on YouTube, my great passion born by chance. I love to travel, discover new places, and run into realities different from mine. I’m a dreamer, daydream, sometimes I get lost in my thoughts upon entering a parallel reality. I always hated blog, and I still consider myself a “YouTube Creator” if I havegive a catetory of myself. Although I “play” with the editing programs and hours talking with my camera, I decided to start this new adventure with the opening of this wesite. If you like, “Please stay and enjoy”.
Cherol 🙂